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The Right Options for Skin Test

An exhaustive dry skin care guide will answer the questions: how to clean it properly, how often to peel it, what tools to use for moisturizing. If you are still not sure that your skin is dry, we will list its characteristic features.

Dry skin care is a matter of responsibility. To make sure that your skin belongs to this type, consult the list of its characteristics.

Usually dry skin:

  • Prone to redness and peeling
  • Has reduced turgor
  • Sensitive
  • Different imperceptible pores
  • Does not suffer from acne and acne
  • Shows creases and fine wrinkles
  • Often covered with pigment spots

Make sure that you have dry skin, you can pass a special test.

She is thin

Between dry and thin skin can be equated. Capillaries appear through it, it is prone to a clear manifestation of rosacea. Compared to oily and normal skin, dry skin is more prone to irritation and flaking. But not to acne-type inflammatory eruptions. With the Skin dry care products the solutions can be had.

She is aging faster

The owners of dry skin before the rest notice the first wrinkles in the mirror. First, in the nasolabial folds and around the eyes, and then around the lips.

Causes of dry skin on the face

The factors that cause dry skin are numerous, but we will look at the main ones. 


People are born with dry skin, this is a genetically determined factor. With age, it becomes even more vulnerable, because after 25 years, the process of collagen production slows down.

Low sebaceous gland activity

  • Dry skin due to low activity of the sebaceous glands.
  • As a rule, this skin type has a thinner protective barrier, which includes the lipid mantle, the cells of the stratum cornea, and the extracellular lipids. This skin is more exposed to the external environment and very quickly loses moisture.

UV exposure

Probably, you have already noticed that cosmetologists have a very negative attitude towards tanning. There is an explanation for this: direct sunlight reduces the skin’s immunity and contributes to its aging. Therefore, even being in the city, at least in the summer period, chooses creams with a sun-protection factor. And to go to the sea without a cream with SPF 30 or 50 owners of dry skin is completely contraindicated. Wide brimmed hat and sunglasses are strictly required.

Improper care

It can also cause dryness and flaking on the face. As soon as you notice that something went wrong, do not tighten up with going to the beautician.

Climatic conditions

Air conditioners, dry office air, and the November wind and winter frosts – all this also contributes to dryness. Put a moisturizing haze in the office cosmetic bag for the face, and before going out on a windy or frosty day, use a nourishing cream (half an hour before the exit). Leather will thank you.

Do not confuse dry skin with a combination

Very often, cosmetologists hear from patients: “Actually, I have dry skin, but the greasy luster on my forehead is very disturbing.” This means that their skin is combined.

It is necessary to care for her accordingly

In the morning and in the evening, cleanse your face with a soft gel or lotion. It is advisable to include a Clarisonic apparatus into the ritual of purification, using a brush attachment only on the T-zone. This will help get rid of excess sebum and clean the pores.